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Halcyon Singers

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Welcome to the webpage for the youth choir of Harrogate Choral.

The Halcyon Singers was launched on 19 September 2015, with guest conductor John Rutter helping to make the day a not-to-be forgotten experience. The singers are now an integral part of the Harrogate Choral Society, and rehearse with the adult choir on Wednesday evenings.. They have formed the Ragazzi choir in Carmina Burana with the Harrogate Choral Society and sung in concerts with Beati as well as giving concerts independently. Membership of the Halcyon Singers is open to all young singers between the ages of 11 and 21.

Being a member of the Halcyon Singers provides an excellent opportunity to belong to a large Choral Society and sing with professional orchestras while still retaining the opportunity to sing in a smaller group. If you love singing, come along have have a go.

Interested in joining? Email to find out more. We look forward to seeing you!


As well as being governed by the Rules and Constitution of HCS we have a few policies to protect the safety of all young people singing with us and to ensure the choir runs smoothly and maintains its high standards. More details available on request.
* DBS checks - All adults involved with the Halcyon Youth Choir on an ongoing basis as conductors or administrators are required to pass a DBS check.
* Behaviour - We expect all young people who join the choir to behave in a respectful and mature manner. If a member becomes disruptive, they will be asked to leave.
* Attendance - Choir members are expected to attend all rehearsals and if possible the special days. Anyone persistently absent without good reason, will be asked to leave. These policies may be changed or added to over time. We'll make sure choir members are made aware of these.