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Past Seasons

The works performed by Harrogate Choral Society during each past season, starting from 2005-06, together with the press reviews received, are listed below. Press reviews of past performances held during our current season are available here.

A complete list of all the works performed by Harrogate Choral Society can be downloaded as a PDF file (500 KB) here.

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2016-2017 Season

15 October 2016
Popular Choral Classics
Performed with Sarah Fox (Soprano) & accompanied by Amici Ensemble.
"Andrew Padmore coaxed every ounce of tone, at small dynamic, from his singers, especially in the unaccompanied items, Bruckner's Locus Iste and Stainer's God so loved the world. Brahms' How lovely are thy dwellings was sung in German, Mozart's Ave verum was sung in Latin, Faure's Cantique was sung in French and Parry's Jerusalem of course in English! The concert ended with Rutter's The Lord Bless you and keep you, with splendid supportive work from the Amici Ensemble, a big Thank You must go to Andrew Padmore for a splendid evening of entertainment. ."
10 December 2016
Handel Messiah
Performed with with Sarah Power (Soprano), Hannah Mason (Mezzo), Andrew Gavin (Tenor) & Andrew Mahon (Bass) and accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"Harrogate Choral Society made a very welcome return to the Royal Hall for its performance of Handel's greatest choral work, Messiah, to a large and appreciative audience. This return was most welcome as, for many, this performance forms the start of their Christmas celebrations. From the very start, it was obvious that this was going to be a rather special evening of music. The Overture was very neatly played with neat double dotting and then a crisp and sparkling Allegro ."
12 December 2014
The Harrogate Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
25 February 2017
Brahms Variations and Fugue on a theme by Handel
Chilcott Little Jazz Mass
Orff Carmina Burana
Performed with Niklas Oldemeier and Beryl Pankhurst (Piano), BackBeat Percussion, Samantha Hey (Soprano), Stuart Laing (Tenor), Alex Ashworth (Bass), Halcyon Youth Choir and singers from Belmont Grosvenor School.
"All performers succeeded magnificently in conveying the enormous emotional range of this extraordinary medieval text - from elemental and earthy to lyrical and tender; sometimes bawdy, sometime tragi-comic, sometimes whimsically philosophical, but always compelling."
13 May 2017
Poulenc Gloria
Walton Belshazzar's Feast
Performed with Katy Kelly (Soprano), Ashley Riches (Bass Baritone) and accompanied by the Amici Ensemble.
"This, perhaps the most spectacular of his compositions is vocally and orchestrally difficult and rhythmically challenging, it takes a good choir, orchestra and conductor to really bring it off and all three were present together with some very fine singing and playing from both choir and orchestra.."

2015-2016 Season

31 October 2015
Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
Haydn Mass in Time of War
Performed with Claire Rutter (Soprano) & Stephen Gadd (Baritone) and William Dutton (Violin) & accompanied by Amici Ensemble.
"The choir demonstrated again their quality, with sharpness of attack, fullness of tone, and delicacy in the quieter passages. Full marks, in particular, to the semi-chorus for their accompaniment to the baritone solo in the second movement. Stephen Gadd in that solo, and elsewhere, sang out forthrightly with his rich, burnished voice and he was ably partnered by soprano wife Claire Rutter."
5 December 2015
Handel Messiah
Performed in St Aidan's Church, Leeds, Daniel Justin (Organ), with Sarah Power (Soprano), Hannah Mason (Mezzo), Trystan Llry Griffiths (Tenor) & Andrew Mahon (Bass) .
"Harrogate Choral Society sang their hearts out throughout the evening. This was a wonderful evening, well sung and accompanied and very well directed by Andrew Padmore."
12 December 2014
The Harrogate Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
12 March 2016
Bach St John Passion
Performed with in Ripon Cathedral with Henry Hawkesworth (Christus), Gwilym Bowen (Evangelist), Bethany Seymour (Soprano), Robert Ogden (Counter Tenor), Stephen Newlove (Tenor) & Ben Davies (Bass) & accompanied by Amici Ensemble.
"Pride of place, though, must go to the chorus. Throughout the work, they must undertake rapid 'costume changes'; they must convey awe and majesty in a monumental opening chorus and then immediately change into confused but aggressive mobsters about to get their hands on Jesus and then, yet again, into reflective mood for the marvellous sequence of chorales in Bach’s incomparable harmonisations - pieces of great power and emotional impact for both performers and listeners alike, clearly the case for the singers at Ripon. They must then convey the spitefulness of the mob baying for Jesu's blood, and this they did most convincingly. The work's final chorale ends in a reflective, yet exalted, mood and the audience's applause reflected their appreciation of a great experience."
11 June 2016
Beethoven Missa Solemnis
Performed with in Leeds Town Hall, singing with Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir as Yorkshire Voices with Sarah Fox (Soprano), Melanie Marshall (Mezzo), Ben Thapa (Tenor), David Soar (Bass) and accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"Beethoven's Missa Solemnis is a big sing for any choral society but the combined forces of Harrogate Choral Society and Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir rose to the challenge admirably .... Andrew Padmore, their conductor, had prepared both choirs thoroughly both technically and musically with confident entries and the high tessitura and full sound required for much of the work was achieved well and without loss of tuning or vocal tiring for much of the evening. The attention to the dynamic shaping was impressive with such large forces, maintaining a buoyant tone quality and with the changes in pace mostly secure with clear direction from the conductor. The articulation of the fugal section in the second movement was particularly well observed, rhythmical and clear."

2014-2015 Season

8 November 2014
In Remembrance
Elgar Spirit of England
Haydn Mass in Time of War
Performed with Sarah Fox (Soprano) & Imogen Garner (Mezzo Soprano), Tim Kennedy (Tenor) Phil Wilcox (Bass) & accompanied by Amici Ensemble.
"The singers were most careful about the text: not a nuance was missed, not a marking of Elgar's overlooked. The words and music became one. Majestic passages in For the Fallen were forcefully declaimed and the sorrow in To Women tenderly sketched. And through it all the solo soprano soared and spun her web. The rich orchestral colours were realized by the augmented Amici Ensemble, with unison horns, solo oboe and cello particularly telling."
6 December 2014
Handel Messiah
Performed with Samantha Hay (Soprano), Anna Huntley (Contralto), Ben Thapa (Tenor) & Frederick Long (Bass) & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"Harrogate Choral Society was excellent and very well prepared for this event and the tone throughout was remarkably even. The runs in some of the choruses, 'And he shall purify' as an example, were sung with great confidence and clarity even though the tempos chosen by the conductor were very brisk indeed. On the other hand, the chorus 'And with his stripes we are healed' was taken at a very deliberate tempo and with delicate shading allowing the parts to show through. The Tenor section of the society deserves special mention. Numerically small, the singers gave all they could and successfully maintained a good balance with the sopranos, altos and basses...This performance was indeed a wonderful opener to the Christmas season and we must thank Conductor Andrew Padmore for a sparkling evening of musical entertainment."
13 December 2014
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
14 March 2015
Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem
Dvorak Te Deum
Performed with Sarah Power (Soprano) & Duncan Rock (Bass) & accompanied by Amici Ensemble.
"[Dvorak's Te Deum] provides ample opportunity for individual sections of the chorus to be heard unaccompanied by the rest and we could thus appreciate the strength of the Harrogate Society's different voices, not least the tenors. I have never heard them sing so brightly and with such confidence...For the Harrogate choir [Brahms Requiem] was hugely demanding. They were singing almost throughout and had to face the challenge of two long fugal passages, but they succeeded triumphantly. Carefully observing changes in dynamics and tempo, they were also able to communicate German concepts which lie at the heart of the work. While they might have made more of the second consonant in "Tod" (dead), their colouring of the word "selig" (blessed) was memorable, as was their rendering of the steady progression of the flesh towards dissolution."
27 June 2015
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Rutter Magnificat
Carter Magnificat
and other works by Rutter
Harrogate Choral Society gave an imaginatively designed concert of music by two British choral composers, John Rutter and Andrew Carter...The choir sounds were beautiful in [For the Beauty of the Earth], the sopranos particularly soaring in the descant passages with ease of tone. Look at the World written for children's voices was sung in its full choral version but surprisingly without the children's choir. The exchanges between the men and the women were well handled and the a cappella chorus was beautifully in tune...John Rutter's setting of the 'Magnificat' was sung in the second half. Here, the choir sang with confidence from the start and there were some beautiful ensemble moments.

2013-2014 Season

2 November 2013
Finzi Clarinet Concerto with Emma Johnson
Finzi Lo, the Full, Final Sacrifice
Fauré Requiem
Performed with Christina Jones (Soprano) & Phil Wilcox (Baritone), & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"The choral society were on very good form, the tenors, numerically few deserving a special mention for their accuracy and pleasant, unforced tone... The performance by the choir showed signs of excellent preparation; they were alert, obviously eager to deliver this work and together with the excellent playing of The Manchester Camerata delivered Finzi's composition with a great sense of sensitivity and devotion... Using quite large orchestral forces, Andrew Padmore kept a tight control over both the dynamics and the phrasing, whilst the chorus sang most effectively, well in tune and singing with a warm breadth of tone."
7 December 2013
Handel Messiah
Performed with Teuto Koco (Soprano), Lynda-Jane Nelson (Contralto), Bo Wang (Tenor) & Stephen Gadd (Bass), & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"The chorus were full of vitality, singing with verve and with good enunciation. From the gentler Since by man through the graceful O thou that tellest and the noble And with his stripes to the brilliant For unto us a child is born they sang with passion and meaning. This was largely due to the conductor Andrew Padmore who took a different approach to Handel than most with great care and attention. Each voice was given shape and care in its preparation, the end result being that the choruses had much more relevance to the meaning of the work as a whole."
14 December 2013
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
29 March 2014
Bach Mass in B Minor
Performed with Robyn Allegra Parton (Soprano), Lynda-Jane Nelson (Contralto), Gwilym Bowen (Tenor) & Ben Davies (Bass), and accompanied by Amici Ensemble.
"[The chorus] rose stoutly to the demands and though one could sense that they were in places strained with some loss of quality in tone, the performance was a resounding success because it was so convincing as musical interpretation...A word of praise finally for the male sections of the choir. While as usual heavily outnumbered by their female colleagues, they sang with strength and confidence. The conductor Andrew Padmore exerted masterly control over the many pages of difficult counterpoint, the long-held notes in Qui Tollis and the tricky changes of tempo in the last section of the Credo...All in all, a memorable performance."
14 June 2014
Yorkshire's Finest with Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band
"The programme began with the Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore by Verdi; its strident melody stirring up the hearts of all and forming an excellent opening number...The next section was a selection of sacred pieces sung by the choral society including both accompanied and unaccompanied works by Pitoni, Puccini, Verdi and Rossini. The diction was clear and precise, the choral balance good. Piano accompaniment was, as usual expertly provided by Beryl Pankhurst...The evening finished with rousing performances, with audience participation of the Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 and Jerusalem bringing this delightful evening to an end."

2012-2013 Season

10 November 2012
Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle
Faure Cantique de Jean Racine
Performed with Teuta Koco (Soprano), Gaynor Keeble (Contralto), Bonaventura Bottone (Tenor) & John Cunningham (Bass) with Beryl Pankhurst (Piano) and Thomas Moore (Harmonium).
"The quiet, sombre and prayerful atmosphere of Racine's words, sung from memory and with great warmth, was captured perfectly by the Choral Society with beautifully controlled accompaniment from Beryl Pankhurst, the Accompanist to the Choral Society. There were many examples of fine and musical shading especially from the gentlemen...whilst the ladies also sang with great control and expression. This was a well-prepared and beautifully executed performance...The Choral Society sang with great control and with much feeling from the very outset of the concert with carefully produced tone from the Sopranos and Altos supported equally well by good natural and unforced tone from the Tenors and Basses"
1 December 2012
Handel Messiah
Performed with Sarah Ogden (Soprano), Stephanie Lewis (Mezzo Soprano), Ben Thapa (Tenor) & Frederick Long (Bass), & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"The Choral Society opened their evening of singing with And the glory which was sung with great enthusiasm and good diction...Throughout the evening there was little sign of tiredness. Even in the taxing choruses such as All we like sheep and For unto us which involve a great deal of vocal dexterity and which were taken at a brisk tempo, the choir sounded fresh and alert...the Choir really gave a splendid display of choral singing in the four powerful choruses which form the central section of Messiah. Surely, All we like sheep and He trusted were taken at a breathless pace but the choir were prepared well by Andrew Padmore and knew what was required of them"
22 December 2012
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
13 April 2013
Handel Dixit Dominus
Vivaldi Gloria
This concert also included Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba & Vivaldi's Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera
Performed with Carleen Ebbs & Catherine Pope (Sopranos), Beth Mackay (Mezzo Soprano), James Micklethwaite (Tenor) & Alistair Ollerenshaw (Bass), & accompanied by Amici Ensemble
"The conductor Andrew Padmore kept a firm grip on the Handel-bars and, while not applying the brakes unnecessarily, did not permit any free-wheeling. In the second half of the work, in particular, the hammer blows of destruction in Judicabit in nationibus were frighteningly realised and contrasted beautifully with the unsettling harmonies of the water flowing in De torrente in via bibet."
8 June 2013
Jenkins The Peacemakers
Rutter Requiem
The performance of the Requiem, composed by John Rutter, was given in the presence of the composer.
Performed with Hannah Kerr (Soprano), with Harrogate Ladies' College Gallery Choir & accompanied by Amici Ensemble
"From the outset, the choir sang with confidence and assured tone and very good enunciation. Andrew Padmore conducted with a superb sense of tempo, never hurrying, allowing the music to breathe naturally...To great applause from the audience, John Rutter was brought forward by Andrew Padmore and showed his obvious delight with the performance of this lovely composition. "

2011-2012 Season

12 November 2011
Mozart Requiem and Violin Concerto No 5
with Nicola Benedetti
Performed Mozart Requiem with Claire Wild (Soprano), Frances Bourne (Alto), Pascal Charbonneau (Tenor) & Jonathan Best (Bass) & accompanied by Manchester Camerata. Nicola Benedetti performed Mozart Violin Concerto No 5 with Manchester Camerata
"In the Requiem [the chorus] were on top form. They confidently attacked the fugal passages in the Kyrie and the Hostias. Singing out with energy when required, they were also able to maintain colour and quality when restrained in volume, as in the Salva Me which follows the outbursts of Rex Tremendae...Yet again, Andrew Padmore demonstrated what a good conductor he is, sensitively accompanying Benedetti and drawing fervour as well as precision from his choir...A truly memorable evening"
3 December 2011
Handel Messiah
Performed with Elizabeth Cragg (Soprano), Robert Ogden (Counter Tenor), Ben Thapa (Tenor) & Duncan Rock (Bass), & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"...few [people] will have heard a performance quite as magnificent as that given by Harrogate Choral Society and the Manchester Camerata under the meticulously well-prepared baton of Dr Andrew Padmore...Here now was a large choir, balanced between the different voices producing a mature and most vibrant sound; indeed one of the exciting sounds the Choral Society has produced in many years...Handel himself would have been very impressed by this performance of Messiah; so full as it was with both playing and singing of such high quality; a splendidly led orchestra dedicated to providing quality at the highest level together with an exceptionally well-prepared chorus of voices and a superb set of soloists. Many congratulations to all but especially to Andrew Padmore for drawing all the threads together to produce such an amazingly rich performance of this wonderful and enduring masterpiece."
17 December 2011
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
10 March 2012
Elgar The Dream of Gerontius
Performed with Margaret McDonald (Mezzo Soprano), Bonaventura Bottone (Tenor) & Robert Poulton (Bass), & accompanied by Amici Ensemble
"The Harrogate Choral Society's performance of Elgar's Dream of Gerontius...was a moving and inspiring event...The chorus was in top form throughout the evening, clearly articulating the text, maintaining a bright tone, and coping well with the complex phrasing and eight-part harmonies of the long middle section of the Second Part...I cannot recall having heard before a whistle of approval from an audience at a classical concert in a church, but this was part of the acclamation which greeted the Ripon performance, and it was not altogether unjustified."
2 June 2012
In Celebration of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Performed with Sarah Fox (Soprano), & accompanied by local orchestra
"There are some instances in the world of music when occasion, time, venue, performers and public come together to produce something which is more than the sum of its parts; such was the case on Saturday when some the finest of the area’s musicians, orchestral and choral, assembled for a concert In Celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee...For the second half of the concert, we took a step back in time to the splendour of Handel’s ceremonial music. Such an occasion would not be complete without the traditional Last Night of the Proms finale and the orchestra, audience and choir, replete with union flags, and directed by Andrew Padmore, by now sporting a Union Jack waistcoat, gave a rousing Land of Hope and Glory refrain"

2010-2011 Season

6 November 2010
Beethoven Sonata No 13 in E flat
Orff Carmina Burana
Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir & pianist Alessandro Taverna performed various works. Performed Carmina Burana with Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir & Debra Morley (Soprano), John Dunford (Tenor) & Robert Poulton (Bass) & accompanied by BackBeat Percussion & pianists Beryl Pankhurst and Alessandro Taverna.
" The separately distinctive forces of Harrogate Choral Society, the children's choir, three soloists, a percussion ensemble and two pianists all combined, under the energy-driven impetus provided by conductor Andrew Padmore, to produce a magnificent performance of this [Carmina Burana] unique work. Pride of place, however, went to the adult choir. The tenors and basses were far more effective than for some time and their full-bodied sound in 'Ecce gratum' was most exciting. The sopranos produced a thrillingly vibrant tone throughout and the altos produced a lovely lyrical sound especially in 'Chume, chum' "
4 December 2010
Handel Messiah
Performed with Samantha Hay (Soprano), Beth Mackay (Mezzo Soprano), Peter Wilman (Tenor) & Alistair Ollerenshaw (Bass), & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"One of the delights of this performance of Messiah was the immaculate attention to detailed phrasing in both the orchestra and chorus...The Choral Society gave excellent performances of the choruses but was particularly good in the choral fugues. The entries were always very confident and the singing very clear and accurate...This was a performance of Handel’s Messiah that deserves much praise, not only for the quality of its musical content, but also for the detailed work done in its preparation. Andrew Padmore, the splendid soloists and all who took part must be complimented for this memorable performance..."
11 December 2010
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
2 April 2011
Bach St Matthew Passion
Conducted by our President & well-known conductor and BBC broadcaster Brian Kay. Performed with Richard Edgar Wilson (Evangelist), Duncan Rock (Christus), Bibi Heal (Soprano), Catherine Hopper (Mezzo Soprano), Daniel Auchincloss (Tenor), Frederick Long (Bass) & accompanied by Cazona Orchestra.
"[Harrogate Choral Society] were admirable in the interjections into the Evangelist's narrative, bringing passion but also precision to their outbursts. The chorales were also sung beautifully, with poise and balance...The Bach Passions need to be satisfying both musically and dramatically. This Harrogate performance succeeded in both respects"
11 June 2011
Rossini Stabat Mater
Puccini Messa di Gloria
Performed with Samantha Hay (Soprano), Alison Barton (Mezzo Soprano), James Edwards (Tenor) & Alistair Ollerenshaw (Bass) & accompanied by the Amici Orchestra.
" The choir was...on fine form. The choir's pitch was consistent throughout the evening and the control of sound from the loudest to the softest was sublime...Andrew Padmore's experience brought some splendid singing from the choir. Always lively to watch he guided the instrumental and vocal forces through the evening with certainty and clarity, the choir's thorough preparation being obvious. Unaccompanied choral singing with large forces can be a moment of nervousness for conductor and choir but the several long sections required of the choral forces were a real highlight of the evening, particularly in the longer sections in the Rossini. They were memorable and impressive "

2009-2010 Season

26 September 2009
Jenkins The Armed Man
Fanshawe African Sanctus
Harrogate Choral Society & Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir as 'Yorkshire Voices', supported by Maureen Brathwaite (Soprano), The Backbeat Percussion Quartet led by Simone Robello, the Mighty Zulu Nation Dancers, Thomas Moore (organ) and Beryl Pankhurst (piano)
"Yorkshire Voices...gave a rousing concert at Leeds Town Hall...This was a great performance...[the] evening made it clear why there is no substitute for live choral music, especially when delivered by the Harrogate Choral Society, the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir and Andrew Padmore."
7 November 2009
An Evening of Elgar: including Sea Pictures & The Music Makers
Performed with Margaret McDonald (mezzo) & accompanied by The Amici Ensemble.
"...the choir was in fine voice and dealt well with the complexities of The Music Makers, as it is no easy score and not within the standard repertoire"
5 December 2009
Handel Messiah
Performed with Philippa Hyde (Soprano), Melissa Lunn (Mezzo), Alexander Grove (Tenor) & John Cunningham (Bass), & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"Even though this has now seemed to have become an annual event (December 4th 2010) the energetic and enthusiastic approach of conductor Andrew Padmore, together with his attention to such precise detail, ensured that yet another outstanding triumph took place...Harrogate Choral Society were on top form. The balance between the sections...was well-nigh perfect."
12 December 2009
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
13 March 2010
Monteverdi Vespers of 1610
Performed with Bethany Seymour, Joanna Patocs (Soprano), Matthew Lennox (Counter tenor), Peter Wilman, Adrian Salmon (Tenor), Philip Wilcox, Alistair Ollerenshaw (Bass) & accompanied by the 18th Century Sinfonia.
"The opening chorus immediately set the tone for the evening giving the performance a bright start...Laudate pueri saw the choir in full flow bringing the best out of the dance rhythms in the chorus parts while the Nisi Dominus brought out the cross rhythms to great effect, most particularly in the two soprano parts. Of these large scale choruses the eight part Lauda Jerusalem...was...the highlight. It had drive and momentum, excitement and thrilling top notes again from the sopranos and the cross-rhythms in the final Amen brought the movement to a grand climax."
12 June 2010
Haydn The Creation
Performed with Sarah Fox (Soprano), Matthew Minter (Tenor) & John Cunningham (Bass) & accompanied by the Amici Ensemble.
"The qualities of the Harrogate Choral Society, expertly prepared by their conductor Andrew Padmore, were again apparent: their clear articulation, precise entries, control of dynamics and, above all, in their energetic, bright sounds. Even though the tenors and basses may be short in terms of numbers, they sang with confidence and commitment."

2008-2009 Season

8 November 2008
Haydn Paukenmesse, Trumpet Concerto, Insanae et Vanae Curae
Mozart Symphony No 40, Ave Verum Corpus
Accompanied by Manchester Camerata with one of the world's top trumpet players, Alison Balsom, & soloists Samantha Hay, Karina Lucas, Stephen Newlove & Alistair Ollerenshaw.
"A roaring success...The 135 strong local choir supported by the Manchester Camerata and the trumpet soloist Alison Balsom, presented an evening of music guaranteed to please the most discerning of listener."
6 December 2008
Handel Messiah
Performed with soloists Philippa Hyde, Beth Mackay, Olivier Dumait & Paul Carey, & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"A vibrant performance of the most-loved choral work of all was given to a capacity audience...Although Handel's Messiah needs no introduction to the overwhelming majority of music-lovers, the fresh approach taken by conductor Andrew Padmore ensured a sense of continual engagement."
13 December 2008
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
14 March 2009
Carter Benedicite
Jenkins Requiem
Performed with Harrogate Ladies College Choir, local soloists Lucy Morton & James Micklethwaite & accompanied by the Amici Ensemble with Clive Bell, Shakuhachi & Thomas Moore, Organ.
"Certainly the choir were in good voice and, under the expert direction of Andrew Padmore, exerted their usual fine control over the melodies given to them and to the strong driving rhythms."
6 June 2009
Music for a Summer Evening
Shared concert with Harrogate Band & including Gareth Green, Organ.
"Traditionally Yorkshire is the way I would describe the wonderful combination of brass and voices... Continuing to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee, Harrogate Choral Society joined forces with The Harrogate Band to give a concert of exciting and entertaining music."

2007-2008 Season

3 November 2007
A Glorious Fanfare
Performed with soloist Lucy Morton, Gateways School Choir, Thomas Moore, organ & Amici Brass.
"Yes, A Glorious Fanfare indeed, as the nave, and probably other areas also, of Ripon Cathedral reverberated magnificently to the sounds of organ, brass and voices in a concert of mainly English music written mostly in the last 70 years."
8 December 2007
An Early Christmas Cracker
An evening of Christmas Music & Readings featuring Readers from Harrogate Dramatic Society.
"A combination of voices, organ and brass, mainly promoting the 2000-year-old seasonal message, proved to be a real winner...The compère, Marilynne Davies, who was eloquent throughout, encouraged the large audience to think of the event as being “the start of Christmas” and for many it probably would have been. Harrogate Choral Society were in excellent form; their precision and ensemble were such that they frequently sounded like a chamber choir rather than a group of almost 100 singers."
15 December 2007
Family Christmas Concert
Joint concert with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
3 May 2008
Mendelssohn Elijah
In celebration of the start of our Diamond Jubilee Season & the re-opening of the Royal Hall. Performed with Chameleon Arts Orchestra, Verse & Chorus, soloists Claire Rutter, Gaynor Keeble, William Dutton, Joshua Ellicott & Stephen Gadd.
"The first concert to be given by an amateur group in the newly-refurbished Royal Hall was marked by an outstanding performance of Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah. From the sonorous sounds of the opening of the Overture,...,through to the triumphant and glorious final chorus, this was a performance with considerable attention to detail and yet high on drama."
7 June 2008
Verdi Requiem
HCS & Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir performing as "Yorkshire Voices" with Leeds Met Singers, soloists Naomi Harvey, Gaynor Keeble, Bonaventura Bottone & Ben Davies & accompanied by Manchester Camerata.
"And what a glorious sound [Yorkshire Voices] made! Rarely can Verdi's terrifying setting of the Dies irae have been unleashed with such force and with such spine tingling ferocity, even in Leeds Town Hall...But it was more than just the volume of sound and refinement of tone that places this new body of singers in the ranks of Yorkshire's finest."

2006-2007 Season

4 November 2006
Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine
Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle
Featuring soloists Dawn Furness, Joanna Gamble, Bonaventura Bottone, Thomas Eaglen, & with Gareth Green, Harmonium & Beryl Pankhurst, Piano.
"In their second season under the direction of Andrew Padmore, Harrogate Choral Society brought to Ripon Cathedral a performance of passion, power and panache... The choir were in fine voice and it was clear from the outset that Andrew Padmore has been busy developing a full and forthright tone to the choir."
2 December 2006
Handel Messiah
Performed with the Amici Ensemble & soloists Maria Bovino, Daniel Wellings, Matthew Minter & Adam Green.
"Overall, the pace sometimes chosen was quicker than one often hears, but the result was generally to perceive the words in a new light. Andrew Padmore demonstrated that he intended to get exactly what he wanted...Overall, this pre-Christmas concert was both memorable and greatly enjoyable..."
16 December 2006
Family Christmas Concert
Performed with Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, children from local primary schools & special guest!
10 March 2007
Jenkins The Armed Man
Fanshawe African Sanctus
Featuring soloists Maureen Brathwaite, Beth Mackay, William Helliwell & Miles Taylor, Backbeat Percussion, Beryl Pankhurst, piano, Instrumental Ensemble & the Mighty Zulu Nation Dancers.
"All credit to Andrew Padmore and the Harrogate Choral Society for providing such a splendid evening. Praise too for the extremely versatile percussionists, Backbeat Percussion Quartet, who displayed great professionalism throughout."
19 May 2007
The Harrogate Prom
Featuring Alfie Boe. Harrogate Choral Society helped celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Harrogate International Centre.
"Throughout their performances, both alone and with Boe, [Harrogate Choral Society's] diction was outstanding and the balance between the sections well-nigh perfect."